Gentle Spectrums 2014

Hosted by Riedel Fascination

Rules in short: this is a curious challenge with two sides. I wondered a long time which one to choose. In the end, I am joining both, even if it is quite risky!

The first, Limitless Pallet, is a colour coded challenge. Luckily, we can repear colours and hues.
It wasn't that easy to find colour (hm) books on my pile, but here are the titles I got for now:
The Emerald Atlas
The Cat and the Black Daffodil
Peter Pan in Crimson
The Silver Scates
50 Shades of Grey
The White Road

probably Blue Hearts in Mars

I still need some more, so I have to remember to keep attention during the year, lol!

And here is the actual progress:
  1.  White Thirst - Mike Anka 
  2.  The Secret of the Orange Cat - Z.K.Slaby and others
  3.  The Cat and the Black Daffodil - Al Toro 
  4. Two little girls in blue - Mary Higgins Clark


Предизвикателство "Спектри"
Това предизвикателство си има две направления - и аз каквато съм шматка се записвам и за двете. Първото е за цветове - задачата: да направим една палитра от 10 цвята. Всъщност и за щастие, цветовете могат да се повтарят, стига да са от различни книги.

Топчеста палитра:
  1. "Бяла жажда" - Майк Анка
  2.  "Тайната на оранжевата котка" - З.К.Слаби и др. 
  3.  "Котаракът и черният нарцис" - Ал Торо

The second, Gentle Subjects, is, well, Subject themed.

trees, flowers, grass, gardening & crop-sowing references.

a building, rooms, a room or building’s parts.

a culture, location ~ lakes, towns, famous spots.

synonyms, gems, ruins, geological formations.
Brimstone - Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child 
types of relatives, last names, full names.
 The Palaveevi Sisters - Alek Popov
a title of 5+ words (articles are fine).

lame puns or quotations, actual cheeses.
 Ted saves the world - Bryan Cohen
mystical, eerie (content fulfills title;  no debunked ending).
 Witch's Bounty - Ann Gimpel
any words approximating weather or seasons.

positive messages, conveys pleasant images.
Very good, Jeeves! - P.G.Wodehouse
This list I will fill on the go. Some are easy, some are pretty hard!


  1. Awesome, Nina! You're a part of my whole trio! In hockey, we call it "a hat trick" if the same player scores 3 goals, in the same game. You have accomplished a hat trick with the 'RIEDEL Fascination' challenges. I'm also impressed you're doing both A & B of "Gentle Spectrums"!

    Do you have any questions about the numbers you find hard? Tell me which ones and I'll give examples. Yes, you bet you can repeat colours. It bugged me to hold a book one year, two years, because I already used that colour in a challenge. As long as it's a different book, why not repeat as many as we wish? And wait until you see the games we're going to do in all of my challenges, with simple prizes from my home. You're going to love them!!!! "Get your camera ready" is all I can say. Heeheeheeheehee.

  2. Hi! I'm excited for our games to begin (and laughing about "50 Shades")! I'll post an introduction and FAQ at RIEDEL Fascination but want to ensure my early ladies receive some info.
    (1) You may count anything finished in the last day, if it isn't reviewed yet! :)
    (2) I created a Goodreads group for "Gentle Spectrums", because our contests are photo-based. Warm it up with a "hello" any time.
    Get ready to rumble! :) Carolyn


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