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Hi there! My name is Nina, a.k.a. as Topcho. I'm a med student from Bulgaria and I like to craft and create, to read and write, and to lose my time in everyway possible :)

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четвъртък, 9 януари 2014 г.

Phew! An year of challenges finished!

Finally, all wrap posts are done... one year worth of challenges. I must say I am pretty unhappy about the amount of challenges I failed, especially some like the Horror challenge, where I just didn't write enough reviews. Still it was a good year, I wrote more reviews than the previous one and read some amazing books. I had luck in some giveaways, got few autographs and even chatted with some authors. I pushed myself out of my comfort zoneseveral times. A brave new world :)
And now... time for the wave of new challenges! Ok, I am becoming an addict, I admit it. But it is so much fun... so just join in, or at least forgive me for the upcoming flood of sign up posts :)

1. Seriously Serials -failed :(
2. In the middle - FINISHED
3.Paranormal reading - FINISHED
4.Books in a series- FINISHED
5.BG book bingo от Аз чета-FINISHED
6.British books - FINISHED?
7. Let me count the ways -FINISHED
8.Genre variety - FINISHED
9.Classics reading challenge- FINISHED
10.What countries have I visited - FINISHED
11.Contentment reading challenge- failed :(
12.Horror challenge- failed :(
13.Monthly mix up mania - my progress
14.Heavenly challenge - FINISHED
15. Urban fantasy and paranormal romance- FINISHED?
16.1st in a series -FINISHED?
17.CHinckter reading challenge - FINISHED
18.Tea and books challenge - failed :(
19. YA reading challenge - FINISHED?
20.A to Z -failed :(
21.Book Bingo -FINISHED
22.Romance reading challenge - FINISHED
23. Telling tales - my progress
24.Witches and witchcraft reading challenge -FINISHED
25.New Authors - FINISHED
26.Outdo yourself -FINISHED
27.TBR double dog dare -failed
28.Get steampunked -failed :(
29.Free reads -FINISHED
30.European reading challenge -FINISHED
31.Outside the box -failed
32.Crime/Mystery reading challenge -FINISHED
33.Women challenge - FINISHED
34.Graphic novel challenge -Failed :(
35. manga reading challenge - failed :(
36.Quick fix challenge- FINISHED
37. Sequesl reading challenge - FINISHED?
38. TBR mountain challenge - failed

+ Personnal challenges
Guilty reading challenge  -FINISHED
Bulgarian authors - FINISHED

Фю! Една цяла завършена година книжни предизвикателства! Да си призная, не съм доволна. Провалих се на повече от очакваното, като най ме е яд за Хорър предизвикателството, където просто не написах ревюта на книгите, и за ТБР, където наистина се надявах да намаля размерите на застрашително надвисващите купчини книги, но изкушенията ме надвиха. Е, все пак беше добра читателска година. Все пак написах повече ревюта от предишната. Открих страхотни нови книги и автори. Имах късмет на няколко конкурса, сдобих се с книжки с автографи.
А да се надяваме, че новата читателска година ще е още по добра!Защото идва момента за.... записването за нови предизвикателства! Да, признавам си, пристрастена съм. Но.... толкова е забавно ! :D Така че защо не се присъедините към мен... или поне не ми се сърдете много за флуда от постове, който се задава :)

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