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Hi there! My name is Nina, a.k.a. as Topcho. I'm a med student from Bulgaria and I like to craft and create, to read and write, and to lose my time in everyway possible :)

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петък, 3 януари 2014 г.

Finished challenge: Classics 2013

Hosted by Thoughts at one in the morning

Only one book was needed to finish this challenge. Here I count At the Mountains of Madness by H.P.Lovecraft, first published in 1939. This wasn't the book I had in mind when I started the challenge, but I really enjoyed it, and I think we can all agree that Lovecraft is one of the classics in the horror genre.

За класическото предизвикателство бе нужна само една книга и за мен тя се оказа "Планините на безумието" на Х.П.Лъвкрафт. Когато се записвах нямах нея предвид, но я прочетох с голямо удоволствие. Лъвкрафт определено си е заслужил място сред класиците на жанра.

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