Etheral 2014

Hosted by Riedel Fascination

Rules in short: this challenge is about all things mystical and paranormal, but not supernatural. Which means angels and witches are yes; vampies and wolfies are not. Reviews are wanted. For full rules, check the host blog!

I sign up for level Intuition - 5-10 books
  1.  The Host - Stephenie Meyer  (I am not entirely sure if this book fits. But it is not only about aliens, but also Souls... so I'd give it a go)
  2. Earthwalker (The Seduction of Declan Holmes) - Lexa Roi Clarke
  3. Pools - S.C.Bryce 
  4. Heartless - Gail Carriger 
  5. Two little girls in blue - Mary Higgins Clark 
  6. Rebirth - Kristyan Malinov 
  7. The weird  inn - Yavor Tsanev

"Етерното предизвикателство"

Хост:Riedel Fascination

Правилата накратко: това предизвикателство е за мистични и паранормални книги, но не свръхествени. Т.е. - ангели, вещици, призраци - да; вампита и върколаци - тц. Ревютата са задължителни, а за пълните правила - линкчето :)

Аз се записвам за ниво Интуиция - 05-10 книги
  1.  "Скитница" - Стефани Майър
  2. "Бродяга (Съблазняването на Деклан Холмс) - Лекса Рой Кларк 
  3. "Езера" - С.К.Брайс 
  4. "Безсърдечна" - Гейл Каригер 
  5. "Две малки момиченца в синьо" - Мери Хигинс Кларк
  6. "Прераждане" - Кристиян Малинов
  7. "Странноприемницата" - Явор Цанев


  1. Spirits are my favourite. :) I felt there were too few books, or challenges about ghosts for grown-ups. Those hosting anything close to the 'paranormal' were full of vampires. I want a place for REAL spirituality I believe in, including in fiction. I am so happy to bring it to you.

    It's funny you are a member of all my themes, except the one you originally wanted to try. A nice surprise. You bet, I'm going to join both your groups! You're welcome for my comments. It's rude if a hostess doesn't (A) Answer questions promptly (B) Welcome every guest. It is like you're visiting my house for 2014. Xoxo, Carolyn.


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