Guilty reads & Guilty reviews 2014!

Hi! Last year I hosted (kinda... I was a terrible host - and a terrible participant too) the Guilty challenge. I wasn't sure if I was going to repeat it this year, but let's face it - now I bear even more book guilt than last year! And so, the Guilty reads challenge is back - and has brought a friend!

The Guilty Reads...

There is a number of books I feel guilty about. Some of them are presents I recieved years ago, that aren't really my type - and I'm freaking out everytime I see the person who gave them to me, waiting for the "Did you like it?" I feel guilty of having prejudice about books and authors I've never tried. And all those classics I've never checked - aww the lingering guilt of being a bad reader!Books I've started but never finished. And that time I spent so much on that hardcover beauty, but still haven't opened it?

Ok, you get the picture. This how the Guilty challenge was born.

Rules (sort of)
  • to become more guilty-free by the end of the year! It's on you to decide which books make you feel guilty and why.
  • all books finished in 2014 count - it doesn't matter when it was started! If you feel guilty for the book that you dropped just few chapters before the end, now is the time to pick it!
  • no need to review for this challenge. After all, it would be pointless to finally read your guilty books and then feel guilty for the reviews you have to write. If you do, however, write some, you're more than welcome to share!
  • no need of pre-made lists. But when you wrap up, a list of titles and some kind of note why the book made you feel guilty would be nice.
  • all kind of formats (ebook, audio...) and lenghts (short story, novella, poetry...)
  • no need to have a blog to participate. You can link to any other profile where you will be keeping track. If you don't have such thing, you can just sign up and track your progress in the comments here. If you make a sign up post (which would be very appreciated, let's spread the love! and the guilt!) grab the button and scroll down for the linky gadget :)
  • crossovers with other challenges are more than welcome! 
  • You can pick one of the levels, or create your cutsom one  to fit you
Guilty-free like an Angel - 1-5 books/reviews
I am but a Human - 5-10 book/reviews
 My list of sins (and books) is long - 10-20 books/reviews

 And now for Guilty Read's cousin....

The Guilty Reviews

Apart from feeling guilty about the books I haven't read yet, I am the same about reviews. I always fail to review all the books I had plans to. So this challenge is for the reviews - and not only for the books sent for a review, but all the books you wanted to share you opinion on, but kind of... let them slip away.

  • all books reviewed in 2014 count. Especially if for some reason you felt guilty about not reviewing them or slowing down
  • it doesn't matter when the book was read - started or finished! Maybe you read it years ago, maybe before even having a blog, and you never had the time to show that preicous book to your new awesome readers. Do it! Now is the time! You have a challenge to fit it in!
  • all kind of book formats and lenghts
  • err.. yeah, reviews are needed for this one. It doesn't have to be super long tho
  • Crossovers! I love crossovers! Don't you too? You can even crossover the two guilty challenges! 
  • levels here are the same as the Guilty Reads
Sign ups!

When you sign up, whether with a link to your post/social profile, or with a comment, just note if you're signing up for Guilty Reads, Guilty Reviews, or both!

Here you can link up your reviews for the Guilty Reviews, and for the Guilty Reads too, if you decide to write some

And most of all, have fun! Even if you've felt guilty about those books and reviews, this doesn't mean you can't enjoy them. It's like chocolate!

P.P. Image for the button from :)

And my pitiful progress:
 The Host - Stephenie Meyer


  1. I am determined to get more reading done this year so I have signed up! I will be starting small with level one, and I will share a link on my (new) reading blog!

  2. Hi
    I don;t know if I will have time to start the challenge, but I am definitely adding you to my list of blogs to read.
    Who doesn't love books and challenges, eh?


  3. I will update my blog to explain how each title is a guilty read, like I did last year. For now, it's time I updated a good bunch of linkies.

  4. For #14, would you mind removing the second "In"? The title should be just "Reflections In Poetry And Pictures" but I have kept tripping up on it. ;)


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