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Hi there! My name is Nina, a.k.a. as Topcho. I'm a med student from Bulgaria and I like to craft and create, to read and write, and to lose my time in everyway possible :)

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четвъртък, 9 януари 2014 г.

Series challenge 2014

Hosted by Read.Sleep.Repeat.

Rules in short: finish series. It doesn't matter when the series were sstarted but they must be finished in 2014. Proof (some kind of review) that the book was finished is required.
For full rules and sign up follow the link!

There are several badges as prizes to be won. I take them as goals. Knowing myself, I will aim for the lowest - 1-3 series finished


Предизвикателство "Завършени поредици"


Правилата накратко: да завършиш поредица. Няма значение кога е започната, важното е да бъде завършена през 2014. Ревютата са задължителни.

Има посочени няколко "значки" като награди, които да бъдат спечелени. Аз ги приемам като цели и нива и се записвам за най-ниското - 1-3 завършени поредици.

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