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Hi there! My name is Nina, a.k.a. as Topcho. I'm a med student from Bulgaria and I like to craft and create, to read and write, and to lose my time in everyway possible :)

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неделя, 13 януари 2013 г.

Heavenly challenge 2013

Hosted by Auggie Talks

Challenge Goal:   Read books containing angelic/godly themes or characters. Books about Angels, Gods, or Goddesses, with references to battles between heaven and hell, or centered around mythology-twists all count. The books can be fiction or non-fiction, Middlegrade, YA, or Adult.

 Level 1: Angel - Read 5 books containing angelic/godly themes or characters.

  1.  Atlantis rising - Alyssa Day 
  2.  Sanguis  - Aleksandrina Ghelezova 
  3.  Anima - Aleksandrina Ghelezova


"Небесното предизвикателство" е за книжки с всякакъв род божествени фигури и герои - ангели, демони, богове, митологии. А с няколко томчета с гръцки и египетски богове от Рик Риърдън, които ме чакат - как да устоя. Пък и се записах за най-ниското ниво - само 5

  1.  "Възраждането на Атлантида" - Алиса Дей 
  2.  "Кръв"  - Александрина Железова 
  3.  "Душа" - Александрина Железова

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  1. Thank you for participating!

    The update post has finally be made. If you've read and reviewed any books for this challenge you'll be able to link them at the following post: