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сряда, 10 декември 2014 г.

Show me your stash entry

Eek! I missed the date again!
But will skip the excuses and get to the point - Carolyn on Riedel Fascination prompted her readers and participants in her challenges to show their stash. Mine is not very impressive compared to the rest, but I am verry happy I manage to keep most of it IN in my new place

Upper shelf is read stuff, the other is read in the back and tbr in the front (mostly). Along with my  Hobbit display from cinema menus. Ok, the dragon's is from How to train your dragon 2, but I couldn't get Smaug. I am hoping for a Gandalf this year.
I am even happier I was able to save one thirs of te wardrobe below for books too! But I'm not opening it for the sake of my clothes staying in. There'd be dragons. In the wardrobe are more TBRs. It's easier to keep them there, because I have to klimb a chair to reach the shelves. But when I finish something, I place it above, abd bring something of the unread below. Or I take it to Burgas. Oh, I forgot to mention - these are from my new place at uni town, a.k.a. Varna/

Aaand here come the piles! Got to love piles
Smaller pile is what I read now + library books that come first because I will have to return them soon + books for clubs. The highest pile is just TBRs that didn't fit in the wardrobe. Usually there are different manuals and notebooks laying around, but I tucked them away for the photo shoot. Most of the titles are in Bulgarian, obviously, few in English and just one in Russian I think are here. Just in case you're wondering, here we have Pratchett, Marissa Meyer's Scarlet, China Mieville, John Connoly, Neil Gaiman and some more.

So this is what I got here. My LOTR, HP, most of my Discworld collection, many read and at least three piles of TBRs didn't make it to the show, due the fact they're in another town. Aw, but I still love you books, don't you worry :D

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  1. Nina, your commentary is making me laugh so much! Thanks for this laugh and smile tonight! Just the pictures wouldn't have been the same without your hilarious humour in your introductions and explanations. I love it and you aren't late. It is almost 6:30PM here. You're a two-time 'RIEDEL Fascination' winner, so you might as well try for 'a hat trick'! I have an extra of a unicorn book; I think the second. Vicki Blum is Canadian.

    By the way, I may be known for loving ghosts and mystery but I have been a Trekkie most of my life and Ron & I adore "Lord Of The Rings". "The Hobbit III" comes out in Winnipeg on December 17 and we'll be excited to see it as soon as we can!