Wrap up post: Ethereal 2014

Hosted by Riedel Fascination

Rules in short: this challenge is about all things mystical and paranormal, but not supernatural. Which means angels and witches are yes; vampies and wolfies are not. Nice addition I found about half the way through the year was that all things fantasy are certainly welcome.
I signed up for level Intuition - 5-10 books and here's my list of reviews. I added Stephenie Meyer's The Host tho I'm not sure it entirely belongs here. But it's not just about the alien invasion but about the human - and unhuman soul and how the two minds in one body interacted with each other, so it may as well fit. As for the rest, we have couple of angels in Earthwalker and Rebirth, and genies and other worlds in Pools. Heartless is the book of the Parasol Protectorate with most ghostly presence; and Ghost beach is the story behind a classic Goosebumps episode. Two little girls covers the twin connection phenomenon, and in Thunder we have bunch of animals talking in addition to traveling to another world again. As for the Weird Inn, it's a collection of horror and fantasy stories.
  1.  The Host - Stephenie Meyer 
  2. Earthwalker (The Seduction of Declan Holmes) - Lexa Roi Clarke
  3. Pools - S.C.Bryce 
  4. Heartless - Gail Carriger 
  5. Two little girls in blue - Mary Higgins Clark 
  6. Rebirth - Kristyan Malinov 
  7. The weird  inn - Yavor Tsanev
  8. Thunder: The Sadows are Stirring - Hannah Sullivan
  9. Ghost beach - R.L.Stine


  1. Great! Yes, everything in any way mystical, spiritual, paranormal, and beyond "the black & white" of life is in. Last year I only said 'no vampires / werewolves / zombies', which left everything else in the world. However I eliminated that rule for 2015 because even in those books, there is often a ghost, or someone with ESP, magical powers, an unknown place....

    1 point for joining and linking something
    1 point for finishing the level you expected. 2 points in the bowl!


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