Reading challenges 2013

The challenge title link should lead you to the blog that hosts it, and the second - to my own post and my progress to the challenge :)

1. Seriously Serials -failed :(
2. In the middle - FINISHED
3.Paranormal reading - FINISHED
4.Books in a series- FINISHED
5.BG book bingo от Аз чета-FINISHED
6.British books - FINISHED?
7. Let me count the ways -FINISHED
8.Genre variety - FINISHED
9.Classics reading challenge- FINISHED
10.What countries have I visited - FINISHED
11.Contentment reading challenge- failed :(
12.Horror challenge- failed :(
13.Monthly mix up mania - my progress
14.Heavenly challenge - FINISHED
15. Urban fantasy and paranormal romance- FINISHED?
16.1st in a series -FINISHED?
17.CHinckter reading challenge - FINISHED
18.Tea and books challenge - failed :(
19. YA reading challenge - FINISHED?
20.A to Z -failed :(
21.Book Bingo -FINISHED
22.Romance reading challenge - FINISHED

23. Telling tales - my progress
24.Witches and witchcraft reading challenge -FINISHED
25.New Authors - FINISHED
26.Outdo yourself -FINISHED
27.TBR double dog dare -failed
28.Get steampunked -failed :(
29.Free reads -FINISHED
30.European reading challenge -FINISHED
31.Outside the box -failed
32.Crime/Mystery reading challenge -FINISHED
33.Women challenge - FINISHED
34.Graphic novel challenge -Failed :(
35. manga reading challenge - failed :(
36.Quick fix challenge- FINISHED
37. Sequesl reading challenge - FINISHED?
38. TBR mountain challenge - failed

+ Personnal challenges
Guilty reading challenge  -FINISHED
Bulgarian authors - FINISHED

+ (obviously)

The reading challenge addict - my sign up post


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