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Hi there! My name is Nina, a.k.a. as Topcho. I'm a med student from Bulgaria and I like to craft and create, to read and write, and to lose my time in everyway possible :)

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понеделник, 11 ноември 2013 г.

Note a freebie: Everville The city of worms

Hi there!
According to the author, Roy Huff, there will be free Kindle promo of Everville:City of Worms from November 14th to November 18th. So if you don't trust your luck to win (as there are currently giveaways on Goodread for all of the books of the series, including the upcoming third novel, The Rise of Mallory. So even if you have grabbed your free e-book copies from the last promo and this one here, I reccomend you to check the author's GR page to access the giveaways :)

 And to get your free copy, check Amazon on the dates!

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