A show is coming!

Hello! I dissappeared for two weeks - or was it more, oh my! Just the start of the semestre was busier than expected - it's not that it is going easier now, but at least I'm getting more into pace.
 I'm quite good at promising things that may not happen - or at least not happen in the time I wanted them to XD so I'll shut up, but there is one sure thing coming! A show will be visiting my blogs in March. That's right! That would be the The suddenly Kate show! Maybe you know Kate from her Momuboocrea Island, her crfaty blog, but now the Show is the active one!
Because, you see, Kate is not only a great crafter with tons of cute projects, she also writes, and is awesome in this! If you haven't already, check her on going series, Girl's best friend, on her blog, and as I'm sure you will like it, stay tuned - because there will be a tour, promoting her e-book!
I'm pretty excited to say that I will be one of the stops for the tour. I will probably feature it on both my blogs, but anyway - my date is 25th of March! But the tour is staring at the beginning of the month, so if you're interested, you should go check the authour's blog and fing out more about the book and other participants in the tour!
Marjie Myers


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