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сряда, 4 март 2015 г.

A name change: just a quick note

Just a quick note to say I changed the name of the blog. What was once maybe known as Bla bla bla books, now shall be remembered as Wanderbook.
One of the reasons for this is that I was getting rather tired of people kindly reminding me to add and -h in the end of the bla-s. In this line of thoughts, however, I wonder if someone would try to correct it to WOnderbook. Google have tried.
Another and better reason is that for a long time I just had a love for this word, wander. Do you have secrets passions for words? I'm not weird, am I? :D And I like the overall sound of it, plus the Dr Seuss quote. Just think of all the places you would go, wandering in a book :)
I'm doing some other small changes, like the colours of links and such. They should be better visible now.
I have some more plans for the look of the blog (that I probably won't execute out of laziness) and I really want to revive my craft blog. I still craft, even if less than before, and I really miss all the wonderful crafty people. I have one more think in mind, but it's still bit far stretched to discuss.

I should have some reviews up these days and I'll try to catch up with emails and groups, promise!

1 коментар:

  1. Hahaha! Well, I like the new name of your blog.
    And yes, I do you have a secret passions for words... If you're weird, then so am I :D

    - Дийдра