Wrap-up post: What countries have I visited

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 I signed up for level Vacationer-Visit 10 countries, but I was so close to making and Adventurer - with 20 countires visited
  1. White Thirst - Mike Anka  (Italy)
  2.  The Secret of the Orange Cat - Z.K.Slaby and others (Czech republic)
  3. Turkish gambit - Boris Akunin (Romania) (Well now. The gambit is "turkish", it is written by a Russian, it's set mostly in Bulgaria, but since I'm from Bulgaria and they made a few chapter trip to Romania, I decided to count it)
  4. The Greyfriar - Clay Griffith and Susan Griffith(France)
  5. The Wolfman - Johnatan Maberry(England)
  6. Atlantis Unleashed - Alyssa Day(Gwatemala)
  7.  The Host - Stephenie Meyer (USA)
  8. Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods (Greece)
  9. Benny and Shrimp  - Katarina Mazetti (Sweden
  10. The Nobelist - Elena Alexieva(Switzerland)
  11.  Death bringer - Derek Landy - Ireland
  12. The complete was diaries of Rene Artois - Rene Artois (France)
  13. The House of Hades -Rick Riordan ( Croatia)
  14. Bad carma - David Safier (Germany)
  15. Legion - Brandon Sanderson - Israel
  16. Brave land, brave love - Connie Mayson - Australia
  17. Around the world in 80 days - Jules verne - India
  18. The cloud pavilion - Laura Jo Rowland - Japan
  19. Jake Ransom and the howling sphinx - James Rollins - Egypt


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