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четвъртък, 1 януари 2015 г.

Failed challenges for 2014 :(

The last year turned worse in terms of my reading challeneges than 2013.It was for two main reasons - I reviewed less through the year, and I didn't touch my TBR pile wich led more challenges down. It turned this year I read mostly library books, new buys and ebooks. On few challenges I just gave up. It is quite possible I finished them, but I didn't bother to track my progress.

So here are my failed challenges and the reasons:
  1. Book bingo - Hosted by Anne and Kristilyn - my progress - With a whole column dedicated to TBR, and only one TBR book read.. it was a huge fail. And I so love book bingo.
  2. Horror challenge - Hosted by Midnyte Reader - my progress - Not enough reviews
  3. Graphic Novel Challenge - Hosted by Graphic Novel Challenge - my progress - Not enough reads
  4. TBR pile - HostedBy Bookish - my progress
  5. TBR Mountain - Hosted by: My Reader's Block - my progress
  6. Vampire challenge - Hosted by Parajunkee - my progress - Not enough reviews
  7. Prequels and Sequels - Hosted by Novel Heartbeat - my progress - Not enough reviews. Argh! I'm so mad at myself about this
  8. Free reads - Hosted by Bookish Ardour - my progress - Not enough books 
  9. Alphabet Soup challenge - Hosted by Escape with Dollycas - my progress - couldn't fill all letters

These are all great challenges, but I just lost my mojo. I didn't check some things on library books like page counts and later it was too much bother. Out of the box type challenges are awesome too, but again I lost track and in the end of the year just don't have the time to keep track.

  1. In the middle - Hosted by Rachel turns pages - my progress
  2. Push your boundaries - Hosted by Roni Loren - my progress
  3. Outside the box - Hosted by Musings of a Book Lover - my progress
  4. Outdo yourself - Hosted by The Book Vixen - my progress
  5. Quick fix - Hosted by Jessie's book place - my progress
  6. Chunkster challenge - Hosted by Chunkster Reading Challenge - my progress
On the bright side, there are three more challnges, all hosted  Hosted by Riedel Fascination  that I may just complete, as I have one more month to write my reviews.

So tomorrow I'l start signing up for new challenges. I do hope I'll resist at least my DNF ones! And I hope in the upcoming year I will be more regular with reviews. Sigh

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  1. Thank you for the nice words about RIEDEL challenges starting and finishing in February. Your Canadian friend, Carolyn is very happy with this plug about being different than other groups: me! :) You are proof it *does* make challenges better to avoid busy times! Even if everyone started their year in February instead of January, there would be no frenzy. The issue is that Jan / Dec is the time we travel and visit family at Christmas and have a nice new year's eve. I phoned my Mom last week and said "I hope my Aunt isn't flying to town before January because I have 40 reading groups to finish". That's terrible! I hated being in that position. For people like us who compete and succeed at multiple groups; one month makes all the difference. Especially when my Bulgarian friend is writing exams to be a doctor. Go, girl!!!! https://cmriedel.wordpress.com/riedel-challenges-2015/