Failed challenges for 2014 :(

The last year turned worse in terms of my reading challeneges than 2013.It was for two main reasons - I reviewed less through the year, and I didn't touch my TBR pile wich led more challenges down. It turned this year I read mostly library books, new buys and ebooks. On few challenges I just gave up. It is quite possible I finished them, but I didn't bother to track my progress.

So here are my failed challenges and the reasons:
  1. Book bingo - Hosted by Anne and Kristilyn - my progress - With a whole column dedicated to TBR, and only one TBR book read.. it was a huge fail. And I so love book bingo.
  2. Horror challenge - Hosted by Midnyte Reader - my progress - Not enough reviews
  3. Graphic Novel Challenge - Hosted by Graphic Novel Challenge - my progress - Not enough reads
  4. TBR pile - HostedBy Bookish - my progress
  5. TBR Mountain - Hosted by: My Reader's Block - my progress
  6. Vampire challenge - Hosted by Parajunkee - my progress - Not enough reviews
  7. Prequels and Sequels - Hosted by Novel Heartbeat - my progress - Not enough reviews. Argh! I'm so mad at myself about this
  8. Free reads - Hosted by Bookish Ardour - my progress - Not enough books 
  9. Alphabet Soup challenge - Hosted by Escape with Dollycas - my progress - couldn't fill all letters

These are all great challenges, but I just lost my mojo. I didn't check some things on library books like page counts and later it was too much bother. Out of the box type challenges are awesome too, but again I lost track and in the end of the year just don't have the time to keep track.

  1. In the middle - Hosted by Rachel turns pages - my progress
  2. Push your boundaries - Hosted by Roni Loren - my progress
  3. Outside the box - Hosted by Musings of a Book Lover - my progress
  4. Outdo yourself - Hosted by The Book Vixen - my progress
  5. Quick fix - Hosted by Jessie's book place - my progress
  6. Chunkster challenge - Hosted by Chunkster Reading Challenge - my progress
On the bright side, there are three more challnges, all hosted  Hosted by Riedel Fascination  that I may just complete, as I have one more month to write my reviews.

So tomorrow I'l start signing up for new challenges. I do hope I'll resist at least my DNF ones! And I hope in the upcoming year I will be more regular with reviews. Sigh


  1. Thank you for the nice words about RIEDEL challenges starting and finishing in February. Your Canadian friend, Carolyn is very happy with this plug about being different than other groups: me! :) You are proof it *does* make challenges better to avoid busy times! Even if everyone started their year in February instead of January, there would be no frenzy. The issue is that Jan / Dec is the time we travel and visit family at Christmas and have a nice new year's eve. I phoned my Mom last week and said "I hope my Aunt isn't flying to town before January because I have 40 reading groups to finish". That's terrible! I hated being in that position. For people like us who compete and succeed at multiple groups; one month makes all the difference. Especially when my Bulgarian friend is writing exams to be a doctor. Go, girl!!!!


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