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Hi and welcome

Hi and welcome everyone! This new blog is a spin-off of my beloved crafty Bla.Bla?Bla!. Afraid that I might scare away my awesome crafty followers there, I decided to create Bla bla bla books here for the sake of my reading challenge addiction. So you many know me from my crafty place, or maybe from a challenge I signed up, or maybe you're just stumbpling upon by chane - in any case - thank you for visiting! So I will be posting here anything book related - reviews, challenges, memes, maybe some personal writings (and maybe some bookish craft even? but only sometimes, I promise). With time I will be adding links to my already written review from my other blog and doing new after the start of the new 2013 I still don't think of myself as a book blogger or something - oh dear, no! - but I thought this was it will be easier for me to manage and maybe more comfortable for followers, who prefer not to recieve bookish updates (or vice versa) Again, thank you all for stopping by