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неделя, 2 ноември 2014 г.

Book promo: The Vultureman (The Hangman's replacement #2)

Last August, I read a book called The Hangman's replacement:Sprout of diruption. Now, bit more than an year later, I still find it one of the most amazingly weird books I've ever read. I am not sure how a book of almost 500 pages, where at the end I am still at loss what exactly is going on, manages to be so utterly fascinating, but the fact stays - it is. 
So naturally, I was at my happiest when I saw that we have a new release date for the second volume of the series - The Vultureman. The author also just started a campaign at Pubslush with two main prerogatives at hand.  First of course is raising some funds, and the second and no less important is spreading the word for the first book. As the author very correctly points out, with so many books and so many readers around, often the right book can't find its reader (And this is so sad. It's kind of the same with my love life and the lack of it, but let's stop this here). So even if you yourself don't feel compelled to read this series, consider clicking a social button or two, and help the book find its destined reader.

While I was provided a free copy of The Hangman's replacement last year, the reason I'm posting this is because as a simple reader I really enjoyed it and would love to see this series go on. Also, I got rather soft and fluffy from the whole "book meets reader". And I wanted to do this post as a part of NaNoBloMo, but missed November the 1st, oh well.