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[book review]Master of desire/Господар на желанието

Заглавие: "Господар на желанието" Поредица: Братството на меча # 1 Автор: Кинли МакГрегър Бележка : прочетена през 2014, така че не влиза в никакви предизвикателства за тази година. Но планирам да завърша поредицата и ще ми трябва ревю за отчитане за предизвикателството за завършени поредици. Предпрочитно : Първата ми среща с Шерилин Кениън беше преди няколко години, когато реших да се впусна в дебрите на свръхестествения романс. Тогава награбих първия том на БЧК и "Мечтан любовник" на гореспоменатата авторка. Но докато първата книга ме спечели, то от втората книга останах разочарована, с чувство за пропилян потенциал и много ядосана от едно име. След това доста хора ме убеждаваха да дам пак шанс на тази поредица, но.. още съм в процес на обмисляне. Всъщност доскоро изобщо не свързвах двата псевдонима и не знаех, че зад тях се крие един и същи човек. Научих съвсем случайно от коментар във форума на издателството. И този път вече се оставих да бъда убедена

[book review] Glassford girl/Момичето от Гласфорд

Title: Glassford girl Series: Emily Heart Time Jumper #1 Author: Jay J.Falconer Note : I received a review copy from Inkspand in exchange of an honest review. Pre-read thoughts: Time travel has always been a curious subject. There are so many ways you can twist the story. And when talking about time travel, I will always think... Time Lords. Actually, one of the reasons why I picked this book is the fact that the girl on the cover reminded me of Amy Pond. Look, even the names are similar! The Story: In the streets of Glassford, Emily Heart runs for her life. 16 years old Emily is not like the other girls. And this is not because she spends her days and sometime nights on the streets, or because of her ways to get clothes or food. It's because since  the lights have taken her two years ago. It's because since then 30 years had passed. Emily is a time jumper now - leaping through time in big or small jumps. She learned to recognize the sympthoms of a jump... but now

[book review]Unicorns on a roll/Еднорози в действие

Title: Unicorns on a roll Author: Dana Simpson Series: Phoebe and her Unicorn #2 Note : I grabbed a review copy from Netgalley for this! My first ever, so I really hope I'm doing things right. Pre-read thoughts: This year has been so Unicorn-full so far. It started with the short novel of Unicorn Western and its short prequell and I've been on the Unicorn wave ever since. I may go on with the Last Unicorn next. Any other unicorn recs? The story: The second installement of Phoebe and her Unicorn continues the adventures of the two friends.Nothing out of ordinary, actually - school matters, family business, lots of pondering  over life, a trip or two to Unicorn land - all in a day of Phoebe's life. Oh, and one weirdly beautiful friendship getting better and stronger. After-read thoughts: I am so in love with this. I spent the last week going around and telling literally everyone I met I'm reading a book about unicorns that read through osmosis and they wer

A name change: just a quick note

Just a quick note to say I changed the name of the blog. What was once maybe known as Bla bla bla books, now shall be remembered as Wanderbook. One of the reasons for this is that I was getting rather tired of people kindly reminding me to add and -h in the end of the bla-s. In this line of thoughts, however, I wonder if someone would try to correct it to WOnderbook. Google have tried. Another and better reason is that for a long time I just had a love for this word, wander. Do you have secrets passions for words? I'm not weird, am I? :D And I like the overall sound of it, plus the Dr Seuss quote. Just think of all the places you would go, wandering in a book :) I'm doing some other small changes, like the colours of links and such. They should be better visible now. I have some more plans for the look of the blog (that I probably won't execute out of laziness) and I really want to revive my craft blog. I still craft, even if less than before, and I really miss all the