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This is a veru curious challenge that offers you several categories that might be a little different from you usual comfort read:
I sign up for  Look at me, outside my comfort zone!:  8-10 categories

Reviews - Yes

My progress:

#3   Opposites Attract
 Are you always reading young adult or historical fiction? Try something that would be opposite – a contemporary read for those stuck in the past, for instance. - To love with eyes wide open - Jorge Bukay - I have never read a book of this self help type

Това е доста любопитно предизвикателство, което предлага няколко категории с цел да разнообразиш читателските си навици.
Записвам се за ниво "Виж ме, излязох от зоната си на комфорт!" - 8-10 категории

Ревюта - да



  1. Спасибо! Thanks for joining our little challenge! I am very excited to see what books you choose and reading your reviews!

    до скорой встречи!


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