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събота, 7 февруари 2015 г.

My kind of mystery 2015

Hosted by Riedel Fascination
I was checking the button and suddenly was like "Ohmygod there's someone behind the curtain!"
Anyway, to the point.
It is a bit different from the rest of the reading challenges going - let's begin with the fact that it started just a week ago, on Feb 1st and will continue till the same date next year. The reason for it is the rush people feel around the holidays and the beginning of the New Year, so our hostess decided to accomodate us this way :) The challenge covers a wide variety of themes and as the restricition from last year are gone, it should be fairly easy. Reviews are mandatory, but as one of my goals is to write more reviews - especially through the year, I hope this will be helpful rather than  an obstacle. This challenge - along with the rest of the trio - is packed with activites along the way, and prizes for everyone taking part. I was lucky to be a winner of some, and can assure you they fly all over the world! Along the books (there are some mysteries,  I'm looking forward to unfold them this year)I received a wonderful assortment of personal mementos and I am sure there are more surprises for the participants in stock - as if you needed more encourgement to enter :)
Reviews: mandatory
My level - Unearthing clues - 11-20
My progress:

  1. Praise her, praise Diana - Anne Rothman Hicks and Kenneth Hicks

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